Valentine's Day Gifts For Teachers

Since Valentine’s Day is about gratitude and love, let’s not forget to show some gratitude for our teachers! They give all year long and are so involved in helping to shape the amazing people that we (and our little ones) grow up to be. And there isn’t a teacher out there who wouldn’t love to hear that. So we’ve whipped up some extra-meaningful teacher valentine gift ideas that go beyond apples or candy to say “thanks for all you do…no, really, thank you! You’ve really made a difference.”

To make creative, clever, and cute teacher valentine gifts to give from your kids or to give even if you’re an adult student — meaningful is always more. Thoughtful gifts that include a special valentine’s message for teachers of all kinds are a sure way to give our awesome educators something special to smile about this Valentine’s Day!

One of Our Most Favorite Cute Valentine's Day Gifts For Teacher

What does a teacher use more than a computer or chalk? A pen, of course. Especially if it has a cute ‘n crafty flower on top! (Pro tip: when it comes to flowers, pink is the color of gratitude, so a pink flower pen is perfect way to say thank you on Valentine’s Day.)

A Well-earned Upgrade From Cafeteria Caffeine

Nothing better than a caffeine treat to make a hard-working teacher happy, right? Help them level up from that coffee concoction brewing in the teacher’s lounge! We’re not talking about a gift card here. Treat Teach to a Valentine’s Day card with a handmade coupon inside — good for a free coffee delivery straight to school — including the part where you personally do the pickup/drop-off from their fave coffee place. Just find out their favorite beverage ahead of time and drop it off next time you’re on your way to the school. Oh yeah, they’re sure to perk up with extra excitement for this super-thoughtful Hearts Day gift!

Regift a Book With a Handwritten Insert

Books are often big lessons in love, gratitude, and giving back. Sharing knowledge makes great valentine gifts for teachers too — as a thank-you, thinking-of-you, or memoir of lessons learned. Find a new or used copy of a favorite book that reinforces something you’ve learned from the classroom. You can cut bookmarks from the front designs of old greeting cards or postcards, and use them to mark and comment on favorite pages or text. Insert a personal forward notecard, maybe quote the teacher and the book — then sign and date it. It will create a personal connection and meaning that will last way past Valentine’s Day.

Ornament Signed By One or The Whole Class

Some valentine gifts are small but hold lots of love. Give a sweet simple thank-you ornament to hang in their car mirror, office, or home. It can be a gift from just one, or the whole class can sign the back with a permanent pen. (Don’t forget to add the class year so the teacher will never forget their sweetest students ever!)

Gift Cards are the Golden Rule!

Don’t know what you heard, but gift cards are always perfect! And they don’t have to be impersonal, especially if they’re attached to a personalized Creatacard™!

A Budget-friendly Balloon Box Valentine's Day Surprise

If you wanna make a teacher’s heart really flutter, this one packs a punch. Balloon boxes make budget-friendly, super-cute Valentine’s Day gifts for teachers that also create a fun element of surprise! They’re great as a last minute gift, too, because they’re as quick as a trip to your local drugstore, grocery, or party store. (Call ahead and make sure they have a helium tank.) Just fill up one balloon, or as many as you like, with helium. (You may wish to use balloon weights.) Add a signed and sealed card with a personal message for the teacher, then wrap everything up in a box. When they open it, the balloon pops out and BOOM! Instant smiles. It’s a teacher’s favorite and uber-thoughtful.

Take on Teacher Tasks

If there’s one thing a teacher has less of, it’s time. Offering yours or your child’s can help in so many ways! To show how grateful you are for the time they give, kids and adults alike can make a “promise to help serve voucher” to volunteer alongside them at a school or community event. Kids can also make a book of redeemable coupons to help teacher save them time in class — like helping to pass out supplies or collect papers. (Don’t worry; kids will know what they need!)

Words Go a Long Way

You can’t go wrong with appreciation simply-stated. Look for fun sentiment blocks that reveal messages just for teachers that will sit perfectly atop a desk and sum up the lesson learned — that teachers really do rule! They serve as an all-year reminder for teachers of how much their students appreciate them.

Donate to a Cause

Meaning can be found in such small ways. Even if it’s a few dollars, donate what you can (in their name, if you choose) to a cause that helps teachers or local initiatives in your own school community. Often an email will be sent notifying them that someone has taken this simple step on their behalf — or just let them know! This simple, inexpensive gesture goes a long way in honoring those who give so much.

Favorite Candy With a Cute Candy Dish

If you know their favorite sweets, give a sweet gift to put them in, too! Sweet, meaningful, and memorable — this gift is a trifecta of all sorts of thoughtfulness!

Old-school Valentines Still Rule

A good old-fashioned, handmade valentine is always a sure win and of course meaningful because it comes from the heart. Whether it’s big and bold, a simple signed handwritten note with a colored envelope, or kind words scrolled on any materials you have lying around, say it like you mean it and give a sentimental shout-out to teachers this Valentine’s Day for all they do to make this world a better place!

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