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Smokey Robinson

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  • Smokey was born William Robinson Jr.
  • His favorite uncle, Claude, gave him the nickname Smokey Joe at age three.
  • He lived on the same street as Diana Ross as a child
  • Before fronting The Miracles, he led a doo-wop group called The Five Chimes.
  • He once served as Motown's vice president
  • In 1987 Smokey was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.
  • He has 2 stars on The Hollywood Walk of Fame. One for himself, and another as lead singer of The Miracles.
  • Robinson is credited with more than 4,000 songs and 37 top 40 hits.




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Smokey Robinson is an American songwriter, singer, record producer, and founder of Father-Daughter Day. Smokey Robinson songs such as "My Girl" and "get Ready" have appeared on lists, rostering the most popular music of all time. Smokey Robinson hits such as "I Second That Emotion," "Crusin," and "The Tracks of My Tears" have been featured in Hollywood movies over his impressive career.