Blank Paper Cards

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Beautiful blank cards are great for sharing thoughts in a personal way — written in your own words and handwriting. Whether your day is crazy busy or totally chillax, having blank greeting cards with envelopes at home and at your fingertips makes it super easy to stay in touch. Blank birthday cards, colorful stationery sheets, blank Christmas cards and thank you note cards are a few collections you can buy online and have ready at any time. After all, your life is filled with amazing people (and they'd love to hear from you)!


If you have a way with words, or simply want to write down your heartfelt sentiments, blank cards provide artful inspiration and let you take it from there. The beauty of blanks is that your personal writing style won’t clash with a certain theme or inside card verse. You’re free to express yourself however you choose, making it all about the message. Customize and make your note as specific to the person and the occasion as you want. Looking for inspiration to get you started? Find 'What to Write' tips from an actual greeting card writer! With blank stationery, you can stay connected while adding meaning into your everyday life!

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