Personalized Printable Cards

Personalize your favorite cards that you can print at home or send via email.

Personalized happy birthday cards make everyone's special day even more special.

Say congratulations in a big way with printable graduation cards.

What's New For Printables?

Now you can share your printable from a smartphone, tablet or desktop, including in an email, on Facebook or through your favorite messaging app. (For emails, easily insert a contact from your address book and schedule to send the card now or on a special date.)

Choose a Card

Choose your favorite card.

Personalize It

Personalize it! Add your greeting, signature and even a photo.

Print or Share

Print from home OR share online!

Add a Gift

Sending by email? Attach an optional gift, like a gift card or digital game they’ll love!

Printable Graduation Cards

Send congrats and well wishes to all the recent graduates with printable cards.

Printable Birthday Cards

Personalized happy birthday cards make everyone's special day even more special.

Printable Thinking of You Cards

Let them know you're thinking of them today and everyday!

Send a Digital Gift Card

Pick out any gift card and attach a digital greeting card. Personalize your message and deliver a gift they’ll love. 

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Printable Encouragement Cards

Share some happiness and words of encouragement to fill their day with smiles.

Printable Anniversary Cards

Perfect cards for lovey-dovey anniversary greetings, silly anniversary wishes, happy anniversary sentiments – everything you can fit into a printable anniversary card.

Printable Sympathy Cards

Wish many caring thoughts with them during their time of sorrow.

Printable Greeting Cards

Our printable greeting cards can be customized in a variety of ways. With a 7-day free trial, you select the perfect design from our fun, festive selection of free cards to print.