What to Write in a Funeral Thank You Card

First and most importantly, on behalf of American Greetings, we are sincerely sorry for your loss. If we can help, in even the smallest way, to make things easier for you during this difficult time, we are honored to do so.

Deciding what to write in a funeral thank-you note is actually easier than it may initially sound. Yes, go ahead, take that sigh of relief. With all that you have going on right now, the last thing you need to worry about is wording the perfect thank-you card message. Keep in mind, those you are writing to care more about your well-being and would not want to be even the slightest source of stress in your life.

While it is not necessary or expected to send thank-you notes to everyone who attended the visitation or service, you may still find yourself with a growing list of those you want to thank. Don't feel obligated to finish the whole stack at once. Simply write what you can, then set aside the rest for when have more time and energy. Also, just a few lines will be sufficient. Be easy on yourself and go at your own pace.

There are many different reasons why you would send a funeral thank-you card—such as thank you for attending the funeral, thank you for the funeral flowers/memorial contribution, thank you for help, meals, cards, etc. And, of course, there are certain, special people who deserve an extra-special message. But since the majority of the thank-you cards will be for attending the funeral, it's perfectly okay to write similar phrases in each one. No one will be comparing notes. Choosing some of ideas below, and then adding a personal line or two where appropriate, will help the words flow.

Thank You for Attending Funeral

Opening Line

  • It was very nice to see you at (your loved one)'s funeral.
  • Thank you for taking the time to attend ___'s funeral.
  • It meant so much to see you at ___'s funeral
  • Thank you for sharing in the celebration of ___'s life.


  • I/we truly appreciate the time you took/effort you made to travel such a distance.
  • Thank you for the stories and memories you shared.
  • Your words were such a comfort.
  • Your stories were so special/sweet/lovely.
  • The stories you shared lifted my spirits.
  • It meant a lot to hear how ___ touched other people's lives.
  • He/she always had wonderful things to say about you.
  • You meant so much to ____.
  • No wonder ____ always spoke so highly of you/thought you were such a special person.
  • Celebrating the life of ____ would not have been complete without you.

Closing Line

  • Your presence meant so much to me/our family.
  • Your support truly made a difference during this difficult time.
  • Thank you for your hugs and kind words of support.
  • Your thoughtfulness/kindness/support means more than words can possibly express.
  • I will always remember your kindness.
  • You are a true friend.

Funeral Thank You Notes for Specific People

To Clergy

  • Thank you for your counsel and guidance during this time. Your wisdom and support was very much appreciated.
  • Thank you for your thoughtful and meaningful words at the service for ___. You brought light and comfort to our family and friends during this very difficult time.
  • Thank you for making ____'s celebration of life all it could be.

To Pallbearer

  • Thank you for being a pallbearer for _____. You meant a great deal to him/her and your support was appreciated beyond words.
  • Thank you for serving as a pallbearer. You are a very special person to our family and your help was sincerely appreciated.
  • Thank you for serving as a pallbearer. You are a true friend and a good man. Having you there was a tremendous help to our family.

To Someone Special

  • Thank you for being there for me during this incredibly difficult time. I don't know what I would have done without your help, comfort and calmness with all that needed to be done. You are truly a blessing.
  • Thank you for the many ways you made a difference during the planning of ___'s funeral. With all the details that needed to be attended to, I appreciated your help beyond words.
  • Although I'll never be able to express how much you've meant to me during this difficult time, I will always remember how kind and helpful and comforting you've been. I am so lucky to have you in my life.

Thank You Notes for Funeral Flowers, Donations, Meals, Cards


  • Thank you for sending the beautiful arrangement/memorial contribution. Your kindness and thoughtfulness meant so much.
  • As we celebrated the life of ___, your flowers brought such beauty to the room.
  • Thank you for the gorgeous arrangement/generous donation. That was very kind of you and I/we feel so grateful to have you in my life/our lives.

Food/Help/Thoughtful Gestures

  • I can't begin to express how much it meant you for to (bring meals, watch my kids, take care of my dog, etc.). Your kindness and care brought comfort, relief and peace-of-mind during a very challenging time. Thank you.
  • I can't thank you enough for the meal(s) you brought to our home. Having one less thing to worry about during this difficult and busy time made an incredible difference.
  • Bringing dinner to our home was incredibly generous—and appreciated. Thank you!

Sympathy Card

  • Your sympathy card was so kind and very much appreciated. You are such a thoughtful friend.
  • Thank you for thinking of our family during this difficult time. Your card was sincerely appreciated.
  • Thank you so much for your sympathy card. I/ we truly appreciated the warm words of comfort. You are so kind.

Now that you have some ideas of what to write in your thank-you notes, and you've seen that you can express sincere and meaningful gratitude in just a few lines, hopefully it will be easier to get started. Remember that the people on your thank-you card list are there for a reason—because they care. And when they receive your note, they will undoubtedly send more thoughts of comfort and peace your way.

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