What to write in a Valentine's Day card

valentines day card that says so much love


February 14. Valentine’s Day. The one day a year that puts the spotlight squarely on “love,” which can refer to the affection and warm feelings we have for one another on so many different levels.

Besides roses and chocolates, a card is what most of us will give our valentines on this very special day. We’ll look for the perfect cover on the outside and the perfect sentiment on in the inside. But, between you and me, just signing that card and giving it to your loved one doesn’t quite cut it. To show how much you really care, take the time and thought to convey your feelings by also adding your own personal Valentine’s Day card message.

Start by thinking about the other person and the type of relationship you share. For romantic relationships, they tend to start out new and evolve into stronger bonds as time goes by. That means we may say, and feel, different things as our relationship grows. From playfulness to passion, to commitment and endurance, and everything in between—that’s where the things to write on a Valentine’s Day card come from.

As for non-romantic relationships, it’s all about everyday living, and the little things you do for (and with!) each other that mean the most. Like sharing hugs, laughing over inside jokes, and going out for ice cream.

To help you get started, we suggest you think back to when you first met or a special time you’ve shared. Try looking at favorite photos or playing songs that make you think of that person. Create a list of words that describe the person or special things about him, or her, that you love. Think of it as a conversation…like you would be talking to that person. The words will come easier that way, and will be said the way you would say it.

So, gather your thoughts and let’s get started with some ideas on what to write in a Valentine’s Day card!

Valentine’s Day messages for romantic love

  • Since the day we first met, I’ve been head-over-heels smitten with you. Happy Valentine’s Day, [Name]!
  • You’re my everything, [Name]—today and forever and ever.
  • I love you so much…but I love us together even more!
  • I love everything about you, but especially [the way you hold me tight]. Happy Valentine’s Day to my one and only!

Valentine’s Day messages for family love

  • For the most wonderful [mom, son, cousin, etc.] in the whole wide world!
  • Ever since [we were kids], you’ve been close to my heart!
  • You’ve always reminded me what’s most important in life…and today, it’s you, [Name]!

Valentine’s Day messages for friend love

  • Wishing a fun-filled Valentine’s Day to my BFF!
  • Hoping today is a wonderful celebration for you, my dearest friend. Happy Valentine’s Day!
  • Life is incomplete without friends like you—and you’re the one who completes me most of all. Thinking of you on Valentine’s Day!

Valentine’s Day messages just for kids

  • Roses are red. Violets are blue. You’re sometimes super-duper silly. But I’ll always love you!
  • You’re my favoritest love bug in the whole wide world!
  • I love you THIS much…plus even more!

Write as much, or as little, as you’d like in your Valentine’s Day messages. After all, it’s not about how long it is—it’s about how meaningful it is. A few simple sentences that describe that person, how grateful you are, and everything you love about them is what really matters.


In addition to writing/editing for American Greetings, Maria is also an award-winning cookbook author and mother of five incredible adult children. She lives in Cleveland with her husband, Joe, and together, they spend all their free time cooking up a storm and spoiling their growing brood of grandkids!

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