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American Greetings works every single day to make the world a more thoughtful and caring place. We create expressions of happiness, laughter and love to help make everyday connections a little more meaningful.

The Days That Are Hard

How to be there when you're needed most. Learn how to be there.

Every Card Has A Story

Watch stories from people just like you come to life in amazing ways. Learn more.

What To Write

Finding the right words can be hard, but in the right moment they can mean everything. Find the right words.

#GiveMeaning To What Matters

A card is important because people and relationships are important. Through conversations with consumers, American Greetings knows that holidays are not always easy for everyone, so “Tattoo” spotlights the special people in our lives who have passed but never leave our heart. In this instance, we’ve highlighted a mom’s lasting impression on her daughter in hopes of inspiring dialogue about recognizing the people and moments in life that really matter.


What It Means To Love

Communication isn’t always simple, but it's necessary to maintain healthy relationships. And each one requires its own unique effort to show we care. Get insights and tips from Relationships Expert & Holistic Therapist Koren Bierfeldt, LPCC on how to nurture your relationships with people who matter most.

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