The stuff relationships are made of

You’ve got the power to make the people you care about feel appreciated and loved. There are tons of ways to tell someone how important they are to you – from heartfelt gratitude and sweet sentiments, to laugh-out-loud humor. Because at the end of the day, life is about sharing feel-good moments with people you care about, finding joy in the little things, and making the world a little brighter together.
What do you get when you combine three thoughtful stories of gratitude, friendship and love and a little card-making magic? The answer: stories to share that inspire us all

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Watch stories from people just like you come to life in amazing ways and see how easy it is to honor and give meaning to your own relationships.

(Don’t worry - if you don’t have a greeting card artist or writer at hand, you’ll find plenty of other ways to get there!)

A true love story

We’ll admit it: this one gives us all the feels. Adam describes his loving, compassionate wife to help us create an anniversary card that will leave her teary-eyed (in a good way).

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A birthday to remember

Think about your BFF. They’re pretty awesome, right? Maggie can definitely say the same about Brittney, her best gal pal who’s getting a birthday card she’ll cherish forever.

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A gift of gratitude

Imagine getting an unexpected card from someone whose life you’ve impacted, maybe without evening knowing it. Santonio’s mentor, Wayne, is about to get one of those cards, proving it’s never too late to say “thank you.”

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