Printable Birthday Greeting Cards For Kids

  • camping birthday party tips

    There’s nothing like a camping adventure as a theme for a child’s birthday celebration. Creating this special memory doesn’t need to involve hardcore Eagle Scout-level camping. In fact, the “camping” can take place a mere 20 feet from the sliding door that leads to your living room.

  • under the sea party ideas

    The Under-the-Sea theme is fun for children’s parties. Crazy-fun ways to get creative with food is just part of the attraction. There’s also the aquatic color palette, the icons of mermaids, whales, crabs and octopi appearing on everything from treat bags to invites.

  • pirate party ideas

    It should not surprise us that pirate themed birthday parties are often a hit with the little folk. Pirate hats? Yep. Cupcake toppers? Check. Treat bag labels? Got those, too! Once you throw your pirate-themed party, be prepared for others to steal, highjack and otherwise “pirate” every cute idea from you!