15 Vintage Valentine's Day Cards That Will Make Your Heart Happy

Browse some of American Greetings' retro Valentine's Day cards from the 1940's, 50's and more that will make your heart happy! Share with your friends to share some love this Valentine's Day, vintage-style!

Take a peek at the past with some of our Valentine's Day cards from over the years.

1. Puppy Love Vintage Valentine

Just Peekin' in to say "Hello" on Valentine's Day!

2. 1940's Puppy Valentine

I'm sweet on you, my Valentine.

3. Shrinking Violet Valentine from 1942

I'm a little shrinking violet

4. Puppy Sweetheart Valentine - 1944

Why, Sweetheart, there just couldn't be two...That's why I'm glad I married you!

5. 1950's World's Dearest Mother Valentine

For the world's dearest mother

6. 1950's 'How Do You Do' Valentine

A Valentine "How-Do-You-Do"

7. Children Valentine - 1950's

With friendly thoughts...

8. 1960's One Swell Boy Valentine

Hi Grandson! Here are 3 ponies to ride on Valentine's Day. This Palomino Pony wants to ride the West with you because he thinks you're one swell boy - and that's certainly true!

9. Vintage Romantic Valentine for Wife

With love to my wife

10. Retro Valentine from Child

...a valentine from me!

11. Sweet Vintage 'Be My Valentine'

Be my Valentine! Becuz...

12. Vintage Flower Scene Valentine

13. 1940's Tugboat Valentine

Have fun on Valentine's Day, son!

14. Cupid Flowers Vintage Valentine

15. Love Birds Valentine - 1960's

Valentine Greetings to a swell person

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