Get ready for the shark extravaganza!

Whether you're a fan of the great white shark, the whale shark, or just watching that show that does not actually take place in a shark tank, we've got your shark cards right here.

It's Shark Time!


Fun Facts about Sharks
Did You Know?

  • Sharks have skeletons made of rubbery cartilage.
  • Different types of sharks have different shaped teeth that are diet specific.
  • Baby sharks are called pups
  • Soon after birth, shark pups swim away to fend for themselves.
  • About one human a year is killed by a shark.
  • More humans are killed by hornets, bees and wasps each year than by sharks.
  • Sharks predate dinosaurs by some 200 million years.

Jaws Because

Hello, chum! Nothing FISHY here, JAWS thought I'd send you a FIN-tastic little COD. I guess that makes me a COD SHARK! Whether you're a BUOY or a GILL, you can have PUN with me. The shark who says what you want it to!

Say it with Sharks

When you can't find just the right words to express your admiration, love or gratitude, why not let one of these cute little guys say it for you.

Say What?

This awesome shark will say whatever you type. Seriously. Send talking shark

Picture Perfect.

When this shark opens wide, he provides the perfect picture frame. Send photo ecard

Nobody Schools You

Send this card to the fiercest fish in the tank. Send goldfish ecard

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If you're reading way down here, something tells me you're a shark person. We at share your passion about the elasmobranch fish with the cartilaginous skeleton. Phrases like caudal fin and dorsal position are right in your wheelhouse. Respect the shark.