Work Anniversary Gift Ideas

Buying the perfect gift can be hard — especially for the people at work. You spend tons of time with these folks every day, so of course you want to recognize them when they’re celebrating a special milestone in the office. Whether someone just landed a new gig, your favorite co-worker got promoted, or you’re wondering how to congratulate someone on a work anniversary, we’ve got you covered with this career-focused gift guide.

Congratulations Gift Ideas for New Job

They did it! Let them know how happy you are for them with a fun gift to acknowledge their great achievement.

Art That Inspires

Give them an inspirational print for their new cubicle (or corner office if they landed the big promotion), to keep them motivated and moving on up. They’ll think of you, and how happy you are for them, every time they see it.

Personalized Stationery

Everyone can use stationery of their very own. There are clients to thank and co-workers to acknowledge. Before wrapping the box, add your own personalized note to the top of the stack of cards inside – maybe jot down a quote you know they’ll like or write some words of encouragement (i.e. Always knew you could do it; Never doubted you for a second.) When they go to write their first note, they’ll find your added thoughtful surprise.

Job Promotion Gift Ideas

Someone in the office just got a promotion! Toast to their success with one of these great gift ideas.

Champagne Toast

Celebrate by giving them a bottle of bubbly along with some nice wine glasses or champagne flutes. Make it extra special by asking everyone to write a special toast to share when the big promotion is announced!

Slip them a gift certificate for a lunch date so you can congratulate them one-on-one. Take them to their favorite restaurant or call ahead to snag a special table before you arrive.

5-Year Work Anniversary Gift Ideas

The first five years on the job can feel like a long time — so achieving this milestone definitely deserves some gift recognition!

Notes Of Admiration And Accomplishment

Everyone loves to hear that they make a difference. At this point, they’ve got 5 years of solid work behind them for each of their team members to write them a thoughtful card or note. Have everyone write about what they value most about their co-worker and/or highlight a specific contribution they made to the team. Not only will they feel awesome about themselves, but having written cards to look back on will be a good reminder of the value they bring. Present the cards all together in a fun gift bag tied with lots of ribbon.

Go Tech

If your co-worker is delighted by all things tech-related, try a laptop case, earbuds, or a portable phone charger. Don’t forget to include the one must-have, low-tech option — a congratulations ecard from the entire office!

10-Year Work Anniversary Gift Ideas

Once your co-worker hits ten years with your company, they’re really in the groove. Of course, that doesn’t mean you won’t need amazing work anniversary gift ideas for them, too!

A Foodie Basket

Ask folks in the office to fill it with some local snacks and delicacies for a unique experience your co-worker will love. Maybe even top it off with a bottle of wine or two with a special message —“A toast to 10 amazing years! Cheers to you!”

Seeds Of Appreciation

If their office is looking a little drab, consider some pretty plants. Succulent gardens are easy to take care of and look great in an office setting, too. Have your team members write little congratulatory notes on sticks that you can place in the plants. Your co-worker will remember the fun and the joy of this anniversary for years to come.

15-Year Work Anniversary Gift Ideas

Fifteen years and still going strong! These gift ideas will help make anyone feel recognized and appreciated on this milestone anniversary.

Engraved Gifts

An engraved item like a clock, a desk name plate, a plaque, or even a candy jar will help them remember this moment for years to come. Think of ways to add a unique touch, like putting a bunch of little notes from your co-workers into the engraved candy jar along with the candy, so every time they reach for a sweet they get a treat for their heart, too.


A piece of commemorative art that they can hang in their office complete with a complimentary message from the whole team will be a really special reminder of their 15 years of loyal service.

20-Year Work Anniversary Gift Ideas

This 20-year employee is a real expert and asset to the organization. Show them how much they mean with these fantastic gift ideas!

Self-care Package

Let them treat themselves with a fancy self-care package. This gift basket can include all kinds of pamper-ready items like body butter, sea salts, body oils, bath soaks, and candles. Include a gift certificate for a spa day along with a card signed by the whole team offering wishes for a relaxing day. They’ve earned it!

Wardrobe Accents

Plus up their office wardrobe with personalized cufflinks or a designer watch. The watch could include an engraving on the back with a very short congratulatory message from all your co-workers, too. They’ll be feeling good and looking good.

25-Year Work Anniversary Gift Ideas

When employees have been with the company for 25 years, they’ve definitely earned a day off! If you can’t give them that, consider these gifts instead!


An overnight trip or hotel stay would be so appreciated. The entire team could get together to create a fun gift basket that includes luggage tags, travel coffee mugs, or guide books. Include a personal note like—“You’ve taken our company so far! Now you deserve your own journey!”


If you can’t spring for a fancy gift like that, how about tickets to a local event or concert? Present them at a celebration where everyone can offer some congratulatory words. It’s the perfect way to show them how much you appreciate all their years of service.

Your co-workers and employees will really be feeling the love with gifts like these.