Hanukkah Gift Ideas

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It hasn’t always been commonplace to give gifts during Hanukkah; gelt, the Yiddish word for “money,” was given to children in the form of real currency as well as chocolate coins. Although Hanukkah gelt is still around today, many families celebrate Hanukkah with actual gifts, typically giving a small gift for each of the eight nights of the holiday. If you’re stumped on Hanukkah gift ideas, you’re in the right place. We’ve come up with ideas to celebrate Hanukkah that not only take the guesswork out of gift-giving, but also provide ways to relax and enjoy time with your loved ones.

Host A Game Night

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Gather the family for a little friendly competition and host a game night. Think about the types of games your child, spouse, or friend enjoys and introduce them to something they’ve never played before. Whether it’s a board game, an outdoor game, or even a video game, you’re guaranteed an evening of laughs and memories.

Traditional Jewish Gifts

You can’t go wrong with a gift that pays homage to the Jewish faith. If you want to stick with the Hanukkah theme, consider gifting a menorah with candles, a dreidel or a challah serving platter. Jewelry is another timeless Hanukkah gift idea. This could include a charm bracelet or necklace with the recipient’s name in Hebrew, Star of David or the Tree of Life.


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Volunteer Or Donate

Like many religious holidays, Hanukkah is a time for gratitude and giving back, which is why it’s the perfect opportunity to donate your time or money—or both! Have your loved one pick a charity and send a monetary donation. Similarly, you could shop for toys, clothes, or games to donate to a children’s hospital or shelter.

A Fun Outing

Some of the best gifts are experiences, so consider a fun family outing to celebrate Hanukkah. It can be as simple as dinner at a favorite restaurant, a trip to the aquarium, or something adventurous like indoor go-carting.

Time In The Kitchen

Cooking or baking with someone you love is a great way to make lasting memories. Find a Jewish recipe book to gift, or create one of your own that includes some of your favorite dishes. If the recipient is an avid cook or baker, get them some new cooking utensils or supplies such as a custom engraved apron or personalized dinnerware.

However you spend your eight nights of Hanukkah, remember that it’s a time for family, reflection and carrying on traditions — something that no tangible item can replace.

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