Confirmation Gift Ideas for Boys

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Following baptism and the first Holy Communion, confirmation is the third of seven holy sacraments in Christianity. In most Catholic churches, Catholics are confirmed when they are about 14 years of age. This religious milestone is often celebrated by gifting small keepsakes that represent the ceremony and its importance in the Christian faith.

If you’re shopping for a confirmation gift, you might be wondering how to find something unique and thoughtful — something the recipient will find meaningful. We’re here to help.

These confirmation gift ideas for boys are meant to spark your creativity and inspire you to give a gift he’ll truly love.

Personalized “Treasure” Box

We’ll admit it: it can be hard to think of a small but impactful gift for a 14-year-old boy. So why not give him something that can hold a little bit of everything?

There’s a good chance he’ll have a rosary, prayer card, or another similar religious keepsake after his confirmation. Give him a safe place to store such items along with any other odds and ends. A simple yet functional box, tray, or drawer is a great place to stow away memorable things like pictures and ticket stubs.

Go the extra mile and customize the gift with engraving. Even if it’s something as simple as his name or initials, he’ll appreciate the sentiment.

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A Fun Outing

Sometimes it’s the intangible gifts that mean the most. Celebrate his confirmation with a day of doing something he loves. Maybe that’s a trip to the arcade, an afternoon at the ballpark, or a drive-in movie. Whatever the case, use a greeting card to let him know you’re proud of his accomplishment.

Travel-themed Items

Confirmation marks one of several important steps along his religious journey, and at only 14-years-old, he has plenty to look forward to throughout life’s great journey. Consider giving him a gift that will help him along the way.

Travel-themed gifts such as duffle bags and backpacks are perfect for just that. You could also go for something like a custom passport or luggage tag with his name or initials.

He might not understand the significance of this type of gift without a little context, so use a card to tie it all together.