Second Wedding Gift Ideas

If you’ve ever been invited to the wedding of a two people who are each getting married for the second time, you might have some questions about gift-giving etiquette. After all, second weddings are sometimes on the more casual side, and couples are often at points in their lives when they already own home appliances, flatware, bedding, and so on.

So what are appropriate wedding gifts for a couple’s second time around? For starters, just remember that just because the couple have already “been there, done that” doesn’t mean their wedding — and marriage — is any less important than their first. Giving a meaningful, heartfelt gift isn’t just in good form, but it’s also something the couple will cherish as they begin their new life together.

If you could use some inspiration, we’re here to help. Here are some second wedding gift ideas to celebrate the happy couple.

Date Night Jar

A fun way to give a wedding gift that keeps on giving is to make a date night jar. Simply fill a mason jar with folded pieces of paper that each have a date night idea written on it. You could do one for every month of the year, or make a few dozen, depending on how many ideas you can think of. Here are some to get you started:

  • Movie and popcorn on the couch
  • Dinner at our favorite restaurant
  • Mini golf and ice cream
  • A picnic in the park

The possibilities are endless, and you can get creative based on the couple’s interests. If you’re feeling extra ambitious, decorate the mason jar with ribbon, burlap or paint.

Custom Rubber Stamp

From sending thank you cards to mailing letters, bills, and more, a rubber stamp and ink pad will help save the couple some time addressing all those envelopes. Plenty of websites offer affordable rubber stamps that you can easily design yourself. Complete this gift idea by pairing it with a card bundle, writing utensils, or stationery.

Travel-themed Gifts

Are the newlyweds planning a honeymoon? Travel-themed gifts are great for couples, whether or not they’re honeymooning. Ideas include monogrammed passport holders with the couple’s wedding date, or a beach bag filled with items such as sun screen and beach towels.

You could also look into giving gift cards from vacation rental and home-sharing websites. The couple can use your thoughtful gift for future travels, and it will make the vacation planning process a breeze.

Couples Classes

Think about the interests of the couple. Maybe they have a hobby or an activity they want to try. Is it rock-climbing? Italian cuisine? Golf? There’s a class or lesson for just about every hobby or interest, many of which offer gift options. Paired with a wedding greeting card (or even an ecard!), this type of gift makes for a memorable date night and bonding experience.

For the Family

The couple might have children from their previous marriages. If that’s the case, consider a gift that will benefit the whole family. This gesture would likely mean a lot to the couple. You could find a gift certificate for something the family enjoys, such as baseball or amusement parks. Or make a gift basket complete with fun group board games, beverages, and snacks.

There’s a chance the couple requested that guests don’t bring gifts. While you’re not obliged to give a gift to the newlyweds, a good rule of thumb is to always lean toward generosity, even if that means simply writing a thoughtful message inside a card. Let them know you’re honored to have been able to celebrate with them, and send them well wishes for their marriage.

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