Confirmation Gift Ideas For Girls

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Following baptism and the first Holy Communion, confirmation is the third of seven holy sacraments in Christianity. In most Catholic churches, Catholics are confirmed when they are about 14 years of age. This religious milestone is often celebrated by gifting small keepsakes that represent the ceremony and its importance in the Christian faith.

If you’re shopping for a confirmation gift, you might be wondering how to find something unique and thoughtful — something the recipient will find meaningful. We’re here to help.

These confirmation gift ideas for girls are meant to spark your creativity and inspire you to give a gift she’ll truly love.


Jewelry is a go-to for many notable religious occasions, especially religiously symbolic jewelry. Sometimes a more expensive piece is given with the intent of wearing it for special occasions only — for example, diamond earrings or a cherished family heirloom.

Think about something she’d wear daily, like a dainty ring or necklace. You could even let her pick it out herself (within budget, of course). Something that incorporates her birthstone is a great starting point. The jewelry doesn’t have to have religious symbolism; in fact, she might find an ordinary piece of jewelry that much more meaningful, knowing she can look at it every day and remember the person who gave it to her.

If you choose non-religious jewelry, consider pairing it with a confirmation greeting card to acknowledge her big day and let her know you care.

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Instant Camera

Most teenage girls love taking pictures, and smart phones have made it easier than ever to store and share photos digitally. Give her a fun way to capture memories by gifting an instant camera (think Polaroid). She may be loyal to her smart phone when it comes to photo-ops, but an instant camera will give her the chance to print pictures within seconds and hang in her bedroom or locker, or place in a photo book.

Travel-themed Items

Confirmation marks one of several important steps along her religious journey, and at only 14-years-old, she has plenty to look forward to throughout life’s great journey. Consider giving her a gift that will help her along the way.

Travel-themed gifts such as duffle bags, totes, and backpacks are perfect for just that. You could also go for something like a custom monogrammed passport holder or luggage tag.

She might not understand the significance of this type of gift without a little context, so use a card to tie it all together.

Personalized Keepsakes

There’s just something about receiving a custom gift that makes it feel that much more special. A personalized keepsake is the perfect way to acknowledge her confirmation while giving her something she’ll treasure for years to come.

So, what exactly do we mean by “custom gift?” It can be as simple as her initials engraved in a locket, or something more elaborate like her name carved into a wooden jewelry box. You could even commission a painter, designer, or lettering artist to create an art piece with her favorite quote, a positive message, or a Bible verse.

The possibilities are virtually endless, so get creative!

Gift Cards

They’re easy and affordable, but how do you make sure it’s something she’ll actually use? It’s pretty simple, actually!

  • Choose an ecard to send (we offer free and premium greetings!).
  • Select any gift or gift card from a variety of top retailers and send both the ecard and gift of choice.
  • When she views the ecard and redeems her gift, she can choose to accept the gift you picked out or exchange it for a gift card.

And there you have it – simple yet considerate gift ideas for her confirmation. No matter where these ideas take you, just remember it’s the thought that counts.