Digital Games

Digital games can be purchased for $5.00 each. Digital games can be gifted to someone else when sending an ecard but are also available for individual purchase on our Digital Games page. For more information, including a preview of the digital games for sale, please click here.

Digital games can be attached within an ecard. After selecting and personalizing an ecard, scroll down to the “add a gift” section, and select the game that you’d like to add. Your recipient will receive the product when they open their ecard.

Once you purchase a digital game you should receive an email that includes a link to the appropriate product page along with an activation code.

IMPORTANT! You will also need to ensure that your browser is set to allow cookies and that your cookies are not deleted or cleared for the duration of the time you wish to use your digital game.

Be sure to create a bookmark, so it's easy to go back every day!

If you purchased this game for yourself, then you should have received a confirmation email with the game’s activation code.  If you’re unable to find this email, then sign into your AG account. Once you’re signed in, click “My Account” and then “Digital Game Purchases” on the left-hand side. There you will find a list of your digital game purchase history, along with the activation code for each game.

If your digital game was purchased for you as a gift, then you should have received an email which includes a link to the correct product page along with an activation code. If you no longer have this email, please contact us for assistance.

If you activated your game and no longer have the confirmation email please contact us for assistance. 

Unfortunately, email does sometimes get blocked as spam, or is inadvertently deleted.

If you purchased a game as gift for someone else, then the recipient will receive an email with their ecard and a link to the digital gift.

Please double-check the email address from your sent ecard page. If you made a mistake, click resend and enter the correct details.

Please visit the URL for the digital game you purchased or have been gifted:

Curio Collection:

English Garden:

Alpine Advent:


Digital games run using your web browser and require the use of cookies to store your activation code, as well as personalizations such as your flower arrangements, snowflake designs and so on. Even if you have set your web browser to allow cookies, manually clearing cookies from your browsing history will result in the loss of your personalizations and will require you to re-enter your activation code.

Most web browsers also have a setting that clears your browsing history every time you close your browser. Usually this also clears your cookies, so you must ensure this setting is turned off.

An internet connection is required for operation of the digital games so please make sure your internet connection is up and running.

You cannot use Private Browsing, or incognito or other "private" modes to view these products. This is because these settings disable permanent cookies (see above). On an iPad, please follow these instructions to turn off Private Browsing.