What To Write: New Year's Messages

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After all the rush and bustle of the Christmas season, our minds turn to quiet reflection and wishes for the New Year. It’s a chance to reflect on the year behind us and decide on the dreams ahead of us. And once all of the Christmas cards have been sent out, New Year’s Eve seems reserved for those closest to us — the ones we’re thinking of as we cross into the next chapter of our lives.

Of course, we all lead separate lives — and the wish you make for one person might not be the same you’d make for another. When crafting Happy New Year messages, it’s important to make sure each note feels personally tailored and specially chosen for each recipient’s situation. Read on for some fresh ideas to make your New Year message stand out above the rest!


What goes with “New Year”? Resolutions — and a flood of articles full of strategies and tips to avoid breaking those newly set goals! Instead of implying an inevitable failure, opt for encouragement and support. Even if the person you have in mind doesn’t necessarily set official resolutions, some words of reassurance and confidence are sure to set a positive tone for the new year.

  • This year is sure to bring tons of opportunities your way.
  • You’ve got everything you need to make this year your best.
  • I believe in your ability to make your dreams come true this year.
  • Everything you’re wishing for — that’s what I’m wishing you in the new year.


Not all relationships last for years. For those that do — whether it’s a close friend, a family member, or a romantic partner — why not take the opportunity to let them know that you don’t take them for granted? Tell them how much they mean to you, and how lucky you feel to have them in your life.  Ring in the New Year by acknowledging how important they are to you!

  • There’s no one else I’d rather face the new year with.
  • Here’s to another wonderful year of having you in my life.
  • Hope the new year makes you feel as hopeful as knowing you makes me.
  • At New Year’s and always, I’m so glad you’re by my side.


There’s no getting around it — some years are better than others. Sometimes, a little acknowledgment is all it takes to make a difficult holiday better for the people you love. You don’t have to mention anything specific or focus on what makes this year different. Instead, it’s enough to offer some hope and good wishes for whatever comes next. Recognize that this year might not have been great — but a new year (and a new chance) are about to begin.

  • As we greet the new year, remember how proud I am of you.
  • Make new wishes for the new year.
  • Dare to hope for the best this year.
  • You deserve a happy New Year and a beautiful year full of peace.

Take the time this year to send Happy New Year messages in the greeting cards that speak most to your heart. Reach out to the people who make your life better, and invite them to share the hope and wonder of a brand new year with you.


Kelsey Rubenking is an eight-year veteran of the greeting card editorial taskforce, and wishes you a peaceful holiday season and a beautiful new year to come. When she’s not helping people find the right words to say, she spends her free time playing video games and pretending to be a vampire on weekends.