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Gift Bags

Celebrate life’s special occasions with spectacular, stylish and cute gift bags! We offer an extraordinary collection of gift bags with the brightest, boldest colors, stunning embellishments, on-trend patterns and favorite characters, too. All are perfect for wrapping a variety of gifts for family, friends, classmates, co-workers and anyone who deserves a surprise. Quality-crafted materials lend strong and sturdy support for holding any present, in bags across a variety of sizes: mini (great for gift cards and jewelry), small, medium, large, extra-large, jumbo (for bicycles, strollers and other mega-sized, hard-to-wrap gifts), beverage bags and the convenient grab-and-go (with tissue) combo. Premium embellishments include gift tags, fabric cord handles, satin ribbon handles, sparkling glitter and foil in shiny solid and holographic finishes. Value bags with paper handles are great when you need to prepare multiple gifts for co-workers, neighbors and party guests, as well as crafts. You’ll find the perfect looks for every celebration, such as a birthday, wedding, anniversary, graduation, new baby, Valentine’s Day, Christmas and Mother’s Day. You’ll quickly find styles to please every gift recipient, from feminine, floral prints to celebratory balloons, stars, cake and candles to kid-friendly characters from Disney, Star Wars, Peanuts and more. Next time you’re looking for where to buy gift bags, make American Greetings your celebration destination!

Can you wrap gifts in a gift bag?

Gift bags are a great option when you need to wrap a gift without the hassle! Simply place your present inside an artfully embellished gift bag and in a snap, your gift is ready to carry to the celebration in style. If want to make a big impression or go the extra mile for someone special, add tissue paper and fashion it like a pro in a few easy steps. Keep reading to see our expert tips on how to stylize your gift with fluffy, colorful tissue paper!

Still looking for the perfect gift? We offer helpful gift guides for every person and occasion!

Tissue Paper for Your Gift Bag

Bright, colorful and cushion tissue paper will add a festive finishing touch to any gift bag. You’ll find a multitude of vivid hues, patterns and color pairings perfect for everyday use, as well as special occasions like birthdays, weddings, showers and graduations, plus classic holiday looks for Christmas and Valentine’s Day to Mother’s Day and beyond. For an upscale touch, select tissue paper designs feature trendy prints and sparkling embellishments. You’ll be glad to have this gorgeous gift accessory on hand!

Why not make it a masterpiece? Take time to fluff, not stuff, the paper into the bag to keep it neat and polished. Here’s how to make your gift presentation look amazing with gift tissue paper:

Step One: Open up your gift bag and line the bottom with tissue paper sheets, making a soft, supportive “nest.” Use one color or mix and match looks with whatever best complements the gift bag design.

Step Two: Place your present inside the bag and fluff up the tissue around the sides. Smooth a few more sheets over the top to completely cover the present, being careful not to tear the paper.

Step Three: To make it a real showpiece, take a few more tissue paper sheets, pinch each one in the center (to form a point) and fluff, shake and gather until it’s formed a cone shape. Repeat! Then tuck them all into the top into the gift bag to create pretty, feathery layers.

Now you’ll have a fully finished, fashion-forward look to show off as you swan your way into the party. It’s sure to make your gift recipient say, “Ooooh, fancy!”