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Bright, colorful and fluffy tissue is a unique wrapping paper choice and the perfect accent to any present. Layer a few different colors of tissue paper over a boxed gift and tie it all together with string for a sophisticated, softly textured package. For gift bags, a few sheets of solid or multicolored tissue paper is sure to add a festive finishing touch — use it to cover and cushion your gift and give the present bag a decorative flourish. Line shirt boxes with tissue paper and then fold and seal the paper with a sticker for a polished look. Tissue paper is also a must-have item for crafts! Keep a supply on hand for gift baskets, scrapbooking and making a cute tissue paper pen flower pen, tissue paper snowman, dandelion tissue paper flowers, rainbow tissue pom-poms, tissue paper balls and hanging garland. Tissue paper is great for kids’ activities at home and in the classroom, too. They can use them in art projects, handmade greeting cards and more. You’ll find a multitude of vivid hues, patterns and color pairings perfect for everyday use, as well as special occasions like birthdays, weddings, showers and graduations, plus classic holiday looks for Christmas and Valentine’s Day to Mother’s Day and beyond. For an upscale touch, select tissue paper designs with trendy prints and sparkling embellishments. Pick up a pack of six in your favorite colors and stock up with bulk tissue packages ranging from 40 to 125 sheets of tissue paper. You’ll be glad to have this gorgeous gift accessory on hand!


American Greetings tissue paper sheets are 20 inches x 26 inches. Our sturdy and versatile tissue paper sheets make gifting and crafting easy. Check out our favorite ways to use our tissue paper including Tissue Paper Pom Poms, Tassel Garland for parties and decoration and Tissue Paper Dandelions that give any gift an extra special touch.


Tissue paper and crepe paper have multitudes of uses, each in their own unique way. Crepe paper is thicker than tissue paper and you will typically find crepe paper has a wrinkly texture and is much easier to fold and craft with because of it's durability, stretchiness and it's ability to hold shape. We love using crepe paper to make paper flowers and paper poinsettias for the holidays or to use as streamers for kids birthday parties. 

Tissue paper is much thinner and fragile than crepe paper and is more often used for gifting purposes and crafting such as tassel garland, collage like patterns like on our confetti party hats, and tissue pom poms

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