Wrapping Paper

Celebrate any occasion with a festive gift packaging presentation! Our roll wrap designs feature bold colors, classic patterns and your favorite characters. All perfect for wrapping a variety of gifts for family, friends, classmates, co-workers and anyone who deserves a surprise! Decorate with glitter tape, bows and other trim items (sold separately) to make it even more special!

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What is the standard size of wrapping paper?

Wrapping paper rolls will cover gifts big and small ranging between 8.33 square feet and 175 square feet. American Greetings gift wrap rolls measure:
• 8' and 10' (foil/premium)
• 12' (standard paper & reversible)
• 30' (paper)
• 70' (mega value)
We offer paper gift wrap in small, standard, specialty and jumbo rolls in a variety of widths and lengths to wrap all your gifts. You might want to choose an extra-wide, 40" width to wrap really big packages, like large toys, games, appliances, coats and more. If you have a lot of different-sized presents to wrap, you’ll get a great value out of our 30" wide jumbo roll that measures 70' long and has enough paper to wrap approximately 42 shirt boxes! Get more looks out of one roll with reversible roll wrap using our double the fun wrapping style how-to and then show off your skills with our handy gift-wrapping ideas and how-to’s. We have everything you need to wrap up your gifts in style!
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