Christmas Messages for Daughter

For most of us, Christmastime means family time. And as we all know, no two families are exactly alike. The same can be said about the relationships we share with individual family members, and this is especially true when it comes to daughters…at least in my experience.

I happen to have three daughters, and from the day they were born, it was clear they each came hard-wired to be their own unique person. Today they’re all beautiful, grown women and are closer to each other than ever. But they’ve all pursued vastly different careers, followed their own hearts, taken their own journeys…and are as unique as, well, three snowflakes in December.

So of course I always take special care when I’m writing a personal note in Christmas cards to my daughters to make it just that. Personal. I want to acknowledge the individuals they are, and the singular connection only we share.

That being said, even as a greeting card writer, I know how much thought goes into trying to find just the right way to tell a daughter how one-of-a-kind she is and how much she means. So maybe I can offer some simple thoughts that might help.

For Your Daughter Who is an Adult, Completely Independent, Finding Her Own Way in the World and Doing Amazing Things With Her Life

  • From the little girl I remember who used to (add your own favorite Christmas memory) to the strong, beautiful woman you’ve become, I’ve always been proud to call you my daughter.
  • Thank you for all the joy you’ve added to so many Christmases…and to my life.
  • Know what I wish for this Christmas? More time for us to just hang out. Can never get enough!
  • No matter how hectic the holidays get, my heart’s never too busy to be thinking of you and how lucky I am to be your mom/dad.

For Your Daughter Who is a Mother, With a Newborn or Growing Family All Her Own

  • There’s nothing more magical or beautiful at Christmas than seeing you, my amazing daughter, be the loving mom you are.
  • Now that you’re a mom, wishing you all the wonder and joy your little one will bring you this Christmas.
  • I know how crazy the holidays can get for a busy mom like you. That’s why I’m wishing you some moments to yourself…to think about the great job you’re doing and the gifts of love you share with family every day.

For Your Daughter Who is Still in School, Paying Off College Loans, Living at Home or Looking for the Right Job

  • Christmastime seems the perfect time to wish you some of your biggest dreams come true…and remind you that you’re worth whatever it takes to make them happen.
  • They say Christmas is a time of believing. Just wanted to make sure you know how much I believe in YOU. Always have. Always will.

For Your Daughter Who has a Great Sense of Humor

  • If not for you, I never would have known the real joys of the season — like having a daughter who loves after-Christmas sales as much as I do!
  • Thanks for making the holidays brighter and Christmas merrier just by being my daughter. Well, maybe not so much during your teenage years, but still.
  • Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without you there, (daughter’s name.) Who else can I count on to help with the clean up after?

For Your Daughter Who You are Struggling to Have a Relationship With or Who is Going Through a Really Tough Time

  • I know things aren’t exactly perfect right now. But the holidays still seem like the perfect time to remind you that — no matter what else — you’re my daughter, and I’ll always, always love you.
  • Christmastime doesn’t always mean everything’s merry and bright. But it does mean that — just like always — I’m wishing only good things for you.

So no matter who your daughter is or what kind of unique relationship you share with her, no matter whether you’ll be together for the holidays or not, one thing’s for sure: she matters to you. A lot. And never more than at Christmas. So go ahead and trust that you’re the real expert here. Listen to you heart, find your own voice, and make the holidays more meaningful for yourself and that one-of-a-kind wonderful daughter of yours.

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