Christmas Messages For A Tough Year

As Christmas draws closer, so too do thoughts of those we care about the most — family, friends, and the people who make a difference in our lives.

When someone you love has had a more difficult year, you may want to send more than just the usual season’s greetings — a more heartfelt Christmas message, something that lets them know you’re thinking of them.

Whether they’ve been dealing with job transitions, personal loss, a change in living situation, or something else, taking the time to add a personal note to their Christmas card can reassure and comfort them, and make their season a little easier.

If you’re stumped on what to write in a Christmas card for someone who has had a tough year, read on for some helpful tips and suggestions to maximize your merry.


Sometimes, all it takes to make someone’s day (or holiday) is a reminder of how much they mean to you. Tell them why you value having them in your life, and share that reassurance!

  • “You make my holidays bright…”
  • “I’ll always be grateful for you…”
  • “Christmas means so much more because of you…”
  • “You’re one of the best parts of celebrating the holidays…”


Remember, you don’t have to be specific to be supportive! The right message will get your meaning across without rehashing what may be difficult subjects for your loved one.

  • “This Christmas, I’m thinking about you…”
  • “At the holidays and always, I’m here for you…”
  • “Wishing you comfort this Christmas…”
  • “Thinking of you and wishing you peace…”


Christmas is a season of hope, and the upcoming New Year brings a fresh start for everyone. Offer encouragement and positivity for the year ahead.

  • “May the magic of Christmas stay with you…”
  • “Sending you peace and love in the New Year…”
  • “This holiday season, let a little merry into your life…”
  • “Wishing you the best the New Year has to offer…”

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The holidays are the perfect time to reach out to those we love and care about, especially after a more difficult year, when comforting words from others can make all the difference. Writing your own Christmas card messages is a great way to share hope, peace, and love with the people in your life who need it most.

This year, take the time to include a personal note of love and appreciation in your Christmas wishes. Your greeting will stand out and reassure your loved ones of your support and encouragement through the holidays — and into the New Year. Write from the heart, with honesty, kindness, and positivity, and you’re sure to deliver a heartfelt sentiment that will stay with them long after the snow melts!

Kelsey Rubenking comes from a long line of greeting card enthusiasts. She has been writing for American Greetings for seven years, and being part of the process that allows people all over the world to make connections with those they love has been both an honor and a privilege.


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