What To Write In A Birthday Card For A Friend

What would we do without our friends? Whether it’s the funny friend who keeps things light … the helpful one who gives advice … the co-workers we vent to … our book club gals … our weekend pals … the cool new friend we instantly clicked with …or our childhood bestie whom we can still talk to about, well, everything

— there’s something unique, special and important about every good friend we have. And on their birthday, we want to make them feel that way, right? So we go the extra mile and we pick out a great birthday card that sums up our friendship perfectly.

But wait — if the card already says it all, then what on earth do we write inside a birthday card for a friend? Don’t worry, it’s easier than you think to add that perfect personal touch to a birthday wish for a friend.

Birthday greetings for best friends follow pretty much the same three guidelines as buying a great gift: make them feel unique, appreciated and loved. Below are some ideas for a friend's birthday card!

Unique Birthday Wishes For A Friend

If you were to describe this friend in a few words, what would they be? What are some personal jokes or experiences you’ve shared? What makes this friend different from others? The examples below might make you think of your bestie or could help you personalize your own unique birthday wish for a friend.

  • Happy Birthday to my most creative and talented friend! What a gift you are to everyone you know — especially me.

  • From phone calls over coffee to crazy nights out — our friendship makes life better in so many wonderful ways!

  • You’re my partner-in-crime, my voice of reason, my confidant, my comic relief … and the BEST best friend I could ask for.

  • [Twenty] years of friendship. Countless amazing memories. And many, many more adventures to come!

Make Your Friend Feel Appreciated In The Birthday Card Message

When you think of this friend, what are you thankful for? What are some helpful things they’ve done or said? Why are they important in your life? Here are a few examples to help you find the words:

  • Thanks for always being there with a listening ear and great advice — I don’t know what I’d do without you.

  • Your birthday is celebrated once a year but having a friend like you is something to celebrate all year long!

  • You have a magical way of making work fun. Thank you for that!

  • Forever young. Forever friends. Forever grateful for you.

Remind Your Friend They're Loved In Your Birthday Card Message

Remembering your friend on their birthday with a card already shows you care, but if you love them like family, or they truly are your best friend, don’t be afraid to tell them so. Here are a few ways you can remind your friend how much you love them:

  • You’re more than a friend, you’re family to me — and I’ll always be here for you.

  • You were my “BFF” long before it was abbreviated! And you always will be.

  • We can totally be ourselves with each other — I love that about us.

  • Just thinking what a wonderful friend you are and hoping you have a beautiful birthday.

  • Even when we’re apart, you’ll always be one of my closest friends. Miss you — and we’ll celebrate soon!

Simple Birthday Wishes To A Best Friend

Sometimes a simple message is all you need for the best friend who understands you better than anyone. If that sounds like your friendship, then keep it frank with birthday sentiments like these.

  • Awesome guy. Awesome friend. And you deserve an awesome year!

  • Happy Birthday, my friend — you always know how to make me smile!

  • Here’s to another amazing year of you! Cheers, my friend!

  • Yay, a day dedicated to my favorite person!! Celebrating you to fullest on your birthday!

  • Happy Birthday to the coolest person and best friend ever. (Cue slow clapping.)

  • Treat yourself all day and all year — a friend like you deserves to!

Funny Birthday Wishes For A Friend

One of the easiest ways to put the happy in a friend’s birthday is to say something funny! You don’t even have to be a comedy writer to get big birthday laughs. Start with an inside joke, remind them of a funny memory, pull out a pun or tease them with a classic “over the hill” gag. Here are some cute and fun examples for inspiration:

  • Friend, don’t let your age get you down on your birthday. Truth is, you’re younger than you'll ever be again!

  • It’s my bestie’s birthday! Go ahead, take a bow!

  • Cue the confetti and celebrate every bit of your birthday!

  • Happy birthday to my best friendy!

  • Hope your cake day is filled with extra layers of happy!

Give Your Friend A Special Birthday Gift With Their Card

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