What To Write: Birthday Wishes For Husband

He’s your husband, your partner, your best friend. The man who wows you with his kisses and amazes you with his strength. He’s the love of your life. And he’s everything to you.

But how to tell him that? How to express even some small part of all you feel in your happy birthday message for your husband?

Whether you have no clue where to start or you just need a bit of a friendly nudge, we’re here for you. We’ve got lots of ideas for what to say to your husband on his birthday, and by the time you’re finished, your husband will definitely know how much you appreciate and love him.

Feeling more confident now? Good! You totally should. You can do this…promise!

Birthday wishes for husbands come in all shapes and sizes. So as you look through the ideas below, remember that the husband birthday wishes you write should be as unique as he is and tailored to the kind of relationship you two share. When deciding what to include in your birthday messages for hubby, consider what positive qualities of your husband or areas of your life together you’d like to focus on and highlight.

Birthday messages to your husband about the ways he’s there for you and how he makes your life better and happier:

  • You’re my strength, my anchor, my everything. And I love you with all my heart.
  • You make me so happy.
  • I appreciate so many things about you—your strength, your calmness, your character and integrity, your sense of humor and how fun you are.
  • I rely on you so much—for your wisdom, strength, encouragement, and belief in me. And for your love.
  • You’re so much fun to be married to. I love every day of our life together.
  • You do so many things to make life more full of smiles and love. And I appreciate every one of them.
  • Thank you so much for everything you do—and everything you are.

You can praise him for his strengths and abilities as a husband and, if you have children together or separately, as a father or stepfather:

  • The kids are so lucky to have you as an example and inspiration in their lives.
  • You’re such a caring and supportive husband.
  • I’m so lucky to have you as my wonderful partner and husband.
  • You’re my best friend, my partner in life, my husband, my love…my everything.
  • You make me so happy just by being the man and the husband you are.
  • Even after all this time, you never stop amazing me.
  • I know how lucky I am to be married to you. You’re an amazing husband and father, and I love you.

You can tell him what you love about him:

  • I love your smile, your kiss, your touch.
  • I love the way you encourage and believe in me.
  • I love how strong and caring you are.
  • I love your sense of humor and the way you can always make me laugh.
  • I love what a good man you are, how you’re so down-to-earth and willing to help others.

You can let him know how much you believe in him and his dreams:

  • I believe in you…in your dreams and your ability to make them happen.
  • There’s nothing you can’t do. I really believe that.
  • I’m wishing you every dream in your heart, because I know you have it in you to make them all come true.
  • You have so many amazing qualities and gifts. And I know you can do whatever you set your mind to.

You can say how sexy you think he is:

  • You get sexier and more amazing all the time.
  • I married a total hunk!
  • Happy birthday to my wonderful, sexy husband…with all my love.
  • No husband could be hotter or sexier than you!

If you’re looking for a birthday message for husband across the miles, you can say something particularly heartfelt like this:

  • I so wish I could be with you to celebrate. But know that I’m celebrating you in my heart…and that I love you so incredibly much.

And sometimes the best wishes are as simple as telling him how grateful you are for him, how lucky you feel to be married to him, and how much you love him:

  • I feel so lucky and grateful to be sharing life with you.
  • I love you with all my heart.
  • I love you more than any words can say.
  • I think you’re amazing, and I love you so much.
  • I keep falling more and more in love with you all the time.
  • We have an amazing life together. And it’s all because of you.
  • You mean more to me than I could ever say.
  • To my husband on his birthday…All my appreciation, all my gratitude, all my heart, and all my love.

Finally, if you’re looking for some funny birthday wishes for husband, you can go the suggestive route or opt for something more general:

  • I’m going to really enjoy giving you your birthday present…and I think I can promise your satisfaction will be guaranteed!
  • Birthday Coupon: Good for unlimited kisses and a hot night of birthday sex!
  • I appreciate you, I’m grateful for you, I love you. (And yes, there will be birthday sex.)
  • Happy birthday to my amazing husband…from the incredible partner of your dreams!
  • Birthday Coupon: Good for one day free from chores, jobs, tasks, problems, and worries.
  • Marriage is all about teamwork: We talk, we discuss the options…then we both agree to do it my way!

Hopefully, after reading through our ideas and suggestions on husband birthday messages, you’re no longer wondering what you can possibly find to say in your personal message to your husband. Keep in mind that you can always pick and choose from any of the above examples and mix them together to create your own longer, unique birthday card message. Or you can simply use them as jumping-off points for some more specific thoughts and feelings you’d like to express.

Just remember: Be authentic. Be real. And be true to you and the relationship you two share. If you follow those guidelines, you can’t miss.

You’re going to do great!

Go forth now…and wow your husband the way he wows you!

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