Birthday Wishes For Aunt

No two aunts are the same — even in your own family. While some aunts might be more like friends, others might be more motherly. While some may be the family comediennes, others may be quiet listeners. While some might be cool, calm, and collected, others might be exciting, eccentric, and on-the-go. While some aunts you might see often, others you might only see on holidays. No matter what your relationship is with your aunt, one thing is for sure — she’ll be thrilled to get a birthday card from you and even more happy to read what you wrote inside. Which is exactly what brought you here, right? You have the aunt, the card, and probably even a pen…but how do you say “Happy Birthday to my Aunt” in a creative and personal way?

Well, since there are so many different kinds of aunts, how about if you take a moment now and think about yours. What stands out about the kind of person she is, the relationship you share, the times you’ve spent together? If you’re drawing a blank on what to write in a birthday card for your aunt, or you’re not that close, no problem! There’s still plenty of sweet stuff to say. But odds are you’ve thought of something, and we can turn that into something aunt-astic!

Let’s start with the not-so-close relationships and work our way up to those extra-special bonds. And always remember you can swap out my words for those that better apply. If your aunt is more “wise” than “wonderful” or more “super-cool  friend” than “great role model,” then feel free to swap away.

  • Thinking of the wonderful aunt and beautiful person you are and wishing you a well-deserved, beautiful day.

  • Because of you, there’s more goodness in the world and more happiness in our family. So lucky to call you aunt.

  • Whenever we’re together, I love the stories you tell, the laughs we share, and the memories we create — and I always look forward to seeing you again.

  • As an aunt, you’re one-of-a-kind – the sweet, fun, wonderful kind!

  • It means so much to have an aunt like you in my life — someone to look up to, to learn from, to love.

  • For as long as I can remember, I’ve adored having you for an aunt. Some things never change.

  • Cool, smart, interesting, fun — I’m so glad I took after you!

  • Amazing women make amazing aunts. You’re both!

  • Amazing. Astounding. Adorable. Ageless. Happy Birthday to an A+ Aunt!

  • Wonderful aunt. Great role model. Incredible person. You’re a little bit of everything…and a whole lot of awesome!

  • So lucky you’re my auntie, so happy you’re my friend.

  • Part friend, part family, all love. You’re the best!

  • As an aunt, as a friend, as a person — when I think of who inspires me, I think of amazing you.

Giving your aunt a card on her birthday is a very thoughtful thing to do. So while she’ll smile at every word of your handwritten message, what she’ll appreciate even more is the time you took and the effort you made to celebrate her special day. What a lucky aunt she is to have wonderful family like you!


Wendy Bomers has been a greeting card writer since the age of ten. Okay, maybe not professionally until her mid-twenties. But way back when kids were planning to be vets and teachers and firemen, Wendy wanted to write cards when she grew up and “make people happy every day.” Now Wendy feels incredibly lucky to be doing just that – helping American Greetings create happiness, laughter, and love every day…for over twenty years and counting!

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