Anniversary Gift Guide - 6th Anniversary

Traditional 6th Anniversary Gift Ideas: Candy

Modern 6th Anniversary Gift Ideas: Wood

Wow! Did those six years go by lickity-split or what?!

But that doesn’t mean it was always easy-as-pie getting here. Passing the five-year mark puts the happy couple at a whole new level of long-lasting lovers who know what a good relationship is made of: hard work, sweet fun, and the ability to put up with driving each other nuts sometimes (just to name a few). That’s why the traditional gift of candy is such an amazing choice for this anniversary!

If you’re the two celebrating (congrats!), then this is the chance to treat your honey to their favorite sugary indulgence. Or if you’d rather go with the modern gift of wood, a sweet, sentimental engraving would add some extra flair. Then again, if you’re celebrating someone else’s sixth, you can’t go wrong with a gorgeous bouquet of calla lilies, the 6th anniversary’s flower which is derived from the Greek word beauty.

However you celebrate the day, the whole point is to stop and savor this six-year success. Because there really is nothing sweeter than love!


  • Assorted artisan chocolates
  • Wine and truffles gift basket
  • Decorative wooden box or bowl filled with candy


  • Candy wordplay bouquet – for those “Extra Red Hot Kisses you still love to Pieces”
  • Molded chocolate flower, seashells, guitar, game controller (whatever they’re into!)
  • Personalized M&M’s with picture or message


Calla Lily: beauty, purity, faithfulness

  • Single calla lily wrapped in a love note
  • Calla lilly pendant necklace or earrings
  • Mixed bouquet of flowers and candy together

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