Anniversary Gift Guide - 12th Anniversary Gift Ideas

12th Anniversary Gift Ideas

traditional 12th anniversary gift: silk

modern 12th anniversary gift: pearls

A dozen years of a marriage and it’s all been smooth as silk, right? Okay, maybe not all of it, but since silk is the traditional gift for the 12th anniversary, this is a great time to stop and think about what does make life (and love) go smoothly. And maybe even indulge in a little luxury to shine things up a bit.

The sexy gift of something silky is probably best given if you’re part of the couple celebrating this romantic occasion. Specifically, something that can be worn on your special day (or night) might kick the festivities up a few notches. And a slight twist on the modern gift of pearls would enhance the mood even more…since pearls do come from…ahem…oysters!

Springboarding off the oyster idea for those who want to give something to the happy couple, a gift card to a seafood restaurant would be a clever option. But since 12 is the magic number here, a dozen of anything would a fun and thoughtful way to celebrate the day. For example, a dozen peonies, this anniversary’s flower, is a beautiful choice as peonies represent honor, prosperity, and a happy relationship. Wonderful wishes for a wonderful couple…and many more smooth years to come.

  • Formal

    formal 12th anniversary gifts
    • Silk lingerie for her, boxers or pajamas for him
    • Silk scarf or tie
    • Silk-lined jewelry box (bonus: add pearls)
  • Fun

    fun 12th anniversary gifts
    • Silk sheets or throw pillows
    • Monogrammed silk handkerchiefs
    • French silk chocolate pie
  • Flower

    12th anniversary flower:peony

    Peony good fortune, happy marriage

    • Bouquet of peonies (fresh when in season; otherwise, silk)
    • Framed print of peonies
    • Trip to the world-famous Luoyang National Peony Garden in China

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