Anniversary Gift Guide - 5th Anniversary

Traditional 5th Anniversary Gift Ideas: Wood

Modern 5th Anniversary Gift Ideas: Silverware

Wow, five years together! What a beautiful milestone in a couple’s marriage. In fact, many consider this the first milestone of many (if you’re counting by five’s, that is).

By now, both bride and groom have gotten through the honeymoon stage, and they’ve settled into a happy cadence of married bliss. Sparks still fly but there’s also a deeper level of comfort and contentment. This in itself is cause for celebration—whether with an intimate date night or with a full-out party! Either way, it’s time to spotlight this extra-special anniversary.

The gemstone for a 5th wedding anniversary is sapphire, and the traditional gift is wood. No wonder. It’s strong and long lasting, representing the power of a solid marriage bond. There are easily so many different ways to interpret this theme, so take your pick: formal or fun. The couple is sure to love either one!


  • Wood inlay music box
  • Decorative wooden bowl
  • Framed family tree chart


  • Wines from anniversary year in a wooden crate
  • Outdoor wooden loveseat swing or glider
  • Romantic weekend getaway in the woods


Daisy: love, loyalty, gentleness

  • Daisy head wreath
  • “Daisy” perfume from Marc Jacobs
  • Packets of daisy seeds as party favors

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