18th Anniversary Gift Ideas

18th Anniversary Gift Ideas

traditional anniversary gift: relaxation

modern anniversary gift: porcelain

Breathe in. Breathe out. Breathe in. Breathe out. Breathe in. Breathe out.

Repeat until you’re officially relaxed…and that will put you in the mindset for Anniversary 18. The gift for this year is simply, wonderfully, and well-deserved relaxation.

It’s been a busy 18 years. If marriage was a person, this would mean it’s gone through its whole childhood already. What could be more action-packed than that? And there are still many, many more adventures ahead. So right here, right now, is a beautiful place to stop, relax, and celebrate just how much this marriage has grown.

Commemorating your 18th anniversary anniversary with relaxation opens up unlimited possibilities for amazing gifts, both for the spouses to give to each other as well as from friends or family of the couple. From each other, something as simple as exchanging a massage, or as extravagant as a spa getaway, will not only relax you, but can rekindle your romance. If the couple has kids, simply the offer to babysit and give them some relaxing alone time could be the ultimate gift.

Although porcelain is the modern gift for this year, the idea of relaxation can be carried over to luxurious bath-themed gifts. Or, if you’d rather give flowers but don’t know which to choose, no worries there either. The 18th anniversary bloom is simply yellow flowers — of any kind. So just relax and go with whatever feels right to celebrate and enjoy this very happy place.

  • Formal

    formal 18th anniversary gifts
    • His & her cotton robes (bonus: monogrammed)
    • Candlelit bubble bath with champagne, music, chocolate-covered strawberries
    • Gift certificate for a couples massage or bath (bonus: weekend spa getaway)
  • Fun

    fun 18th anniversary gifts
    • DIY “Relaxation in a Jar” (or bucket or basket) filled with stress-relief goodies
    • Scripted pillows — personalized with a handwritten message
    • Whimsical pajamas
  • Flower

    18th anniversary flower:Yellow Colored Flowers

    Yellow Colored Flowers: joy, happiness, pride

    • Yellow flowers in a porcelain vase
    • Flower petal trail to bedroom or bathtub (or both!)
    • Floral sheets

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