Anniversary Gift Guide - 9th Anniversary

Traditional 9th Anniversary Gift Ideas: Willow or Wicker

Modern 9th Anniversary Gift Ideas: Leather

Nine years of marriage and still an adorable couple! Even though it’s closing in on a decade, there’s something about still being in the single digits that gives the 9th anniversary a young-spirited feel…as if being newlyweds really wasn’t that long ago.

The 9th anniversary traditional gift of willow/wicker for this year embraces the light-hearted celebration and encourages simplicity, relaxation, and fun. (Picnic, anyone?) And this anniversary’s flower, the bird of paradise, is a great reminder that the honeymoon spirit can always be revived, no matter where you are.

Along the same lines of nature and simplicity is the modern 9th anniversary gift of leather. A personalized wallet, photo album, or journal could be a great way to bring some bright, happy fun to this awesome occasion. When in doubt, just keep it simple and light.

While it certainly isn’t easy to achieve nine years of marriage, it is simply wonderful to celebrate a couple in love.


  • Elegant picnic basket (bonus: add wine and cheese)
  • Wicker/woven patio furniture
  • Willow tree jewelry – charm or pendant


  • Themed gift basket for couple’s shared interest(s) – food, travel, golf
  • Heart-shaped wicker wreath with personalized ornament in center
  • Straw beach tote (bonus: add tickets to a tropical getaway)


Bird of Paradise: faithfulness, joy, paradise on Earth

  • Jewelry box embossed with a bird of paradise
  • Tropical bird stained glass sun-catcher or garden sculpture
  • Tickets to a botanical garden or rain forest

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