Anniversary Gift Guide - 26th Anniversary

26th Anniversary Gift Ideas

traditional anniversary gift: art

modern anniversary gift: original pictures

Not only is true love a wonderful thing to be a part of, but it’s a beautiful thing to see.

And a 26-year marriage is a masterpiece! There are so many details that have created this lasting love, and there’s so much to be celebrated. Have fun browsing the many ways to commemorate this anniversary with the gift of art.

Of course, something decorative for the wall might be the first thing to come to mind when you think of traditional art. But this might be the time to think outside the box — or the frame. While a beautiful painting or photograph is a great idea for a gift, a customized print, canvas, or wooden sign could also be an interesting twist. Or take your eyes off the wall altogether and choose a sculpture, book, or an artsy outing!

It’s always nice when the modern and traditional gifts can be coordinated, and the contemporary gift of original pictures makes this easy to do. If you haven’t been to a photo site lately, you’ll be amazed at all the artistic ideas for pictures. Or, maybe encourage making an original creation with supplies or a class —although it will be hard to top the beauty of this 26-year love!

  • Formal

    formal 26th anniversary gifts
    • Decorative book or romantic sculpture
    • Personalized print incorporating names and wedding date
    • Museum lunch or gallery/symphony/indie film night
  • Fun

    fun 26th anniversary gifts
    • Custom wooden sign
    • Caricature sketch
    • BYOB painting class
  • Flower

    26th anniversary flower:Mums

    Mums: optimism, joy, perfection

    • Multi-colored mum bouquet
    • Unique vase from local gallery painting
    • Floral photo frame

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