10th Anniversary Gifts

10th Anniversary Gift Ideas

traditional 10th anniversary gift ideas: tin or aluminum

modern 10th anniversary gift ideas: diamond jewelry

This extra-special anniversary—the big 1-0—celebrates a couple’s first full decade of marital bliss! It’s a meaningful milestone because it takes a strong and stable commitment to one another to get this far. After all, especially in today’s crazy society, it’s not every day you hear of such long-term love. But if you’re lucky enough to know a happy couple who enjoys just that, be sure to show your support by either throwing them a party or sending a thoughtful anniversary gift especially for this occasion.

If you’re more into formal gifts, then the traditional choice for a 10th wedding anniversary gift is tin or aluminum. The whole reason for this is that tin symbolizes preservation and longevity. On the other hand, if something a bit more modern is your preference, the correct choice is diamond jewelry. That’s because diamonds represent durability and beauty, just like a 10-year marriage. As for flowers, be sure to give the lucky couple daffodils, which represent joy, requited love, respect, and happiness. The perfect symbol of their love.

  • Formal

    formal 10th anniversary gifts
    • A tin of high-quality chocolate truffles
    • Aluminum watch
    • Aluminum hard-shell luggage set
  • Fun

    fun 10th anniversary gifts
    • A tin of multi-flavored popcorn
    • Aluminum martini shaker
    • Aluminum bike
  • Flower

    10th anniversary flower:daffodil

    Daffodil: cheerfulness, regard, sunshine

    • Daffodil bulbs
    • Lovely canvas art print of a field of daffodils
    • Framed “Daffodils” poem by William Wordsworth

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