Anniversary Gift Guide - 20th Anniversary

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Traditional 20th Anniversary Gift Ideas: China
Modern 20th Anniversary Gift Ideas: Platinum

Can you believe it’s been 20 years? Where did those years go? And now here it is—the “china” anniversary, symbolizing the beauty and elegance, yet delicate and fragile nature, of love. It’s a reminder to think about the care and attention you would wrap around a fragile china object and to treat marriage the same way.

Everyone knows it hasn’t been easy to reach this milestone (or any milestone, for that matter), and this anniversary highlights not taking marriage for granted, but to nourish and care for it every day.

Whether this is your own anniversary you’re getting ready to honor (congratulations!) or someone else’s, we’ve got some 20th anniversary gift ideas to help give you a start in the right direction for gifts, ideas, and décor. Did you know that the gemstone for the 20th year is the emerald because it’s the sacred stone of the goddess Venus and said to preserve love? Be still our hearts!


  • Elegant china tea set
  • China cake stand
  • Emerald cut ring in a platinum setting


  • China doll
  • Cufflinks made from dimes from the wedding year
  • Trip to China; dinner certificate in Chinatown or to favorite Chinese restaurant


Aster: elegance, wisdom, good fortune

  • Fill a Wedgewood china vase with asters
  • Bake a cake or have one made decorated with real asters (they’re edible!)
  • Place a piece of emerald jewelry in the center of a single aster

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