Anniversary Gift Guide - 8th Anniversary

8th Anniversary Gift Ideas

traditional anniversary gift: pottery

modern anniversary gift: linens

Happy Infinity Anniversary! Yep, just turn the number eight on its side and you have the infinity sign or, in this case, a symbol of forever love. Kinda makes year 8 feel even more special, doesn’t it? As it should.

The number eight also represents balance because of its shape. And we all know that marriage is a balancing act every day of wants, needs, priorities, schedules…you name it. So eight years of maintaining a healthy balance with your forever love is really an amazing accomplishment.

The traditional gift for this anniversary is pottery which takes time, patience, and care to mold into a beautiful a work of art. (Hey, that sounds like marriage, too!) And the modern gift of linens adds a personal and romantic touch to the celebration. So, overall, eight is a very special anniversary with lots of super-cool gift ideas…from infinity-shaped jewelry to handcrafted pottery to luxurious bedding. Or you can just keep it simple and fill a vase with this year’s very fragrant flower, the gorgeous lilac, and love will certainly be in the air.

  • Formal

    formal 8th anniversary gifts
    • Set of stoneware dinnerware
    • Garden statue or sculpture
    • Ceramic wine carafe (with a bottle of wine, of course!)
  • Fun

    fun 8th anniversary gifts
    • Gift card to Pottery Barn
    • Clay chiminea (bonus: add marshmallow roasting sticks)
    • Gift certificate for a pottery class (the movie Ghost is highly recommended beforehand!)
  • Flower

    8th anniversary flower:lilac

    Lilac: first love, passion, confidence

    • Bouquet of lilacs in ceramic vase
    • Lilac tree
    • Linen napkins with lilac motif

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