13th Anniversary Gifts

13th Anniversary Gift Ideas

traditional anniversary gift: lace

modern anniversary gift: textiles or furs

A good relationship is all in the details — thoughtful gestures, kind words, knowing looks, flirty winks. And by 13 years of marriage, life together has become a beautiful connection of more details than you can count. So it’s not hard to see why the romantic, intricate, detailed fabric of lace is the traditional 13th anniversary gift. Or maybe it’s just time to revamp the underwear drawer!

As you might guess, the most popular gift of lace is lingerie for her, which is really a gift for him, too, so you can’t go wrong with that. But since lace is equally associated with wedding day as much as it is with the wedding night, there can be some variety there. And with the modern 13th anniversary gift being textiles/furs, there might be room for a (faux) bearskin rug or fur blanket in this scenario.

This anniversary’s flower, the chrysanthemum, which symbolizes optimism and joy, certainly says “Happy Anniversary” in a light and lovely way. It’s also been said that a single petal of this flower in the bottom of a wine glass will promote a long and healthy life. Include this little detail with a bouquet and bottle of wine, and wish the happy couple a long and healthy relationship as well!

  • Formal

    formal 13th anniversary gifts
    • Lace/filigree frame with favorite pic of the couple
    • Lace tablecloth (a lovely future heirloom)
    • Dress (in lace) for dinner by candlelight at a romantic restaurant
  • Fun

    fun 13th anniversary gifts
    • New workout shoes with cool, funky laces
    • Packets of Queen Anne’s Lace seeds
    • Batch of homemade lace cookies
  • Flower

    13th anniversary flower:Chrysanthemum

    Chrysanthemum: optimism, joy, respect

    • Potted mums that can be transplanted to garden
    • Fast and easy DIY: burlap-and-lace covered mason jar filled with mums
    • Shadow box with dried mums

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