23rd Anniversary Gift Ideas

23rd Anniversary Gift Ideas

23rd Anniversary Gift Ideas:


traditional 23rd anniversary gift: music

modern 23rd anniversary gift: silver plate

A lasting marriage is a lifelong love song. And much like a great tune, each person plays their own unique instrument while creating something amazing together. So let’s celebrate the 23 years of harmony with the gift of music, song, and hopefully a little dancing!

Even though it’s been over two decades (wow!) since that first dance as a married couple, there is most likely at least one song (but probably a whole playlist) that symbolizes this incredible love. With music so easily accessed and shared nowadays, this gift can be as simple or creative as you want it to be. There are endless possibilities — from gadgets that play it, to places to hear it — that will play a happy anniversary tune.

If you’d prefer a contemporary piece, serve up something special on a silver plate 23rd anniversary gift. Or use the bloom of the year’s “deep saturated, dark red flowers” to get creative with rose petals and set the tone for an unforgettable celebration of love.

  • Formal

    formal 23rd anniversary gifts
    • Framed lyrics of the couple’s wedding song
    • Musical note jewelry or cufflinks
    • Tickets to the symphony or a concert; night out at a jazz club
  • Fun

    fun 23rd anniversary gifts
    • Whimsical, waterproof portable speaker
    • Lively night out at a sing-along piano bar
    • Write a message on a custom CD (also incorporates silver!)
  • Flower

    23rd anniversary flower:Deep Saturated Dark Red Blossoms

    Deep Saturated Dark Red Blossoms: passion, love, romance

    • Wrap the bouquet in a sheet music “love note”
    • Long-stemmed roses in silver-plated vase
    • Basket of bubble bath, candles, and silk rose petals

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