Anniversary Gift Guide - 7th Anniversary

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Traditional 7th Anniversary Gift Ideas: Wool
Modern 7th Anniversary Gift Ideas: Desk Set

Lucky number seven has arrived!

And what’s luckier than finding true love?! The seven-year mark is a good time to stop and think about all the big and little lucky breaks along the way, and undoubtedly also some unexpected surprises, that have led to this special day. If thinking of this seven-year love story makes you feel all warm and fuzzy, then you’re in the right frame of mind for 7th anniversary traditional gift traditional gift of wool.

Now before you start itching at the thought of prickly wool sweaters of yesteryear, remember there’s also luxuriously soft cashmere, lambswool, and sheepskin. So this is certainly a gift full of snuggly possibilities to wrap up year #7 in a great big hug.

On the other end of the spectrum, and perhaps symbolic of all the hard work it took to get here, is the modern gift of a desk set. Or a simple bouquet of beautiful freesia, the 7th anniversary flower, which represents innocence and friendship. After all, this flower might be a great reminder of where this love story all began – and how lucky it was to find.


  • Cashmere clothing-sweather, scarf, loungewear
  • Sheepskin blanket or rug
  • Australian Ugg boots


  • Whimsical wool mittens and hats
  • Signs, mugs, or décor featuring the pun, “love ewe”
  • Visit to a nearby alpaca farm


Freesia: innocence, friendship, thoughtfulness

  • Freesia bouquet wrapped in a cashmere scarf
  • Wool roses
  • Upgrade flower delivery to include the (woolen) teddy bear!

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