Anniversary Gift Guide - 29th Anniversary Gift Ideas

29th Anniversary Gift Ideas

traditional anniversary gift: photography

modern anniversary gift: new furniture

Still being the picture of love after 29 years is something to celebrate! And what better way to commemorate almost three decades of milestone moments, family traditions, favorite trips — and a whole lot of smiles — than with the gift of photography? Whether creating something amazing with personal photos or choosing an artistic print to decorate the home, the picture-perfect possibilities are endless.

While it’s handy to be able to access hundreds of photos at our fingertips on digital devices, there’s something about an actual printed photo that means so much more. And one visit to an online photo site opens the door to some amazing products that are sure to be a surprise.

Another angle on this gift could be a tool to take better pictures. A cool new camera gadget, waterproof/action camera, or fun cell phone photography class are great ideas for the family photographer.

If photography isn’t clicking for you, the contemporary gift of new furniture would be a 29-year treat. Especially if you’re the couple celebrating (congrats!) and you’ve been wanting to update a room or two, this is the perfect time to do it. Or, simply freshen up the house with this year’s flowers, the morning glory. Chinese folklore believes this bloom to symbolize the story of two lovers who may only meet on one special day a year. But as a 29th anniversary gift, the morning glory will beautifully celebrate over ten thousand special days together…and counting!

  • Formal

    formal 29th anniversary gifts
    • Stylish wall art of personal photo
    • Photography book of favorite subject/place
    • Professional photo shoot (for couple/family)
  • Fun

    fun 29th anniversary gifts
    • Personalized photo postage stamps and/or stationery
    • Cell phone camera accessory (lens, tripod, selfie stick)
    • Photo shower curtain of personal paradise (honeymoon perhaps?)
  • Flower

    29th anniversary flower:Morning Glory

    Morning Glory: love, affection, attachment

    • Climbing plant on mini trellis
    • Morning glory hummingbird feeder
    • Floral scented candle (bonus: personalized with photo)

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