Anniversary Gift Guide - 28th Anniversary

28th Anniversary Gift Ideas

traditional anniversary gift: linens

modern anniversary gift: orchids

What looks beautiful, feels comfortable, and lasts for years and years? Whether you answered a good marriage or a quality fabric, you’re right! Maybe that’s why the 28th anniversary is celebrated with the gift of linen. This beautiful, high-quality fabric has been around for centuries and yet never seems to go out of style. An interesting fact about linen is that it’s made from flax, the oldest natural fabric dating back about 9,000 years — which makes it a wonderful symbol of long-lasting love.

On the other hand, if you’d rather go with a contemporary gift or flowers, then choose orchids…or orchids. Yep, there’s only one answer for both this year, which is a rarity, maybe because orchids also symbolize surviving the tests of time. It is believed that these are some of the oldest flowers in existence, blooming before the continents even separated. This is also the largest family of flowering plants, with over 25,000 species on record — and one of the species is Vanilla. You read it right…orchids give us vanilla extract, which gives you even more gift choices. So have fun shopping!

If you want to get really creative, combine the gift of linens with orchids for some pretty impressive longevity — and the perfect sentiment to wish many more years together.

  • Formal

    formal 28th anniversary gifts
    • Linen tablecloth, napkins, placemats
    • Personalized/framed linen anniversary print
    • Suit or shirt for him/scarf or dress for her
  • Fun

    fun 28th anniversary gifts
    • Whimsical or personalized towels or pillows
    • Linen bathrobes and romantic bath supplies
    • Tropical shirts — and vacation tickets!
  • Flower

    28th anniversary flower:Orchid

    Orchid: love, beauty, strength

    • Potted arrangement (and guide for growing)
    • Orchid bonsai terrarium
    • Vanilla-scented spa gift basket

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