Anniversary Gift Guide - 34th Anniversary

Traditional 34th Anniversary Gift Ideas: Home Décor

Modern 34th Anniversary Gift Ideas: Opal

There’s no place like home. Especially one filled with 34 years of love and memories! And even if the actual house has changed over the last three decades, the 34th anniversary gift of home décor is meant to celebrate two hearts finding a home in each other. So while anniversaries are usually a great reason to go out, maybe this is the year to throw a little get-together or cook up something special. And since home décor is a very big category, the gift can be anything from cute and fun to big and practical, depending on the budget.

If a homemade dinner is on the menu, then this year’s flower can be mixed right in…to the salad! The primrose, with its cheery little blooms of white, blue, yellow, pink, and purple, is not only pretty, it’s also edible and tastes like lettuce. However, as a gift, it might be more suitable to give a bright primrose bouquet or potted plant that can be moved to the flowerbed.

Or skip the home décor and flowers altogether and opt for the opal as a contemporary present. This popular stone, with its ever-changing colors depending on the light, is so pleasing to the eye that it’s thought to inspire love, hope, luck, and happiness. Here’s to 34 more years of all that and more!


  • Candleholders, candles (and wine!)
  • Handcrafted quilt (bonus: with sentimental fabrics/panels)
  • Room makeover


  • Personalized (or funny) door mat
  • Large basket and a couple of cozy throws (and wine!)
  • Romantic or whimsical sign (ex: “always kiss goodnight”)


Primrose: consumed by patience, kindness, nurturing

  • Flowering shrub/tree
  • Edible addition to salads or quiche
  • Lady Primrose fragrance or lotion

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