Anniversary Gift Guide - 46th Anniversary

Traditional 46th Anniversary Gift Ideas: Dance
Modern 46th Anniversary Gift Ideas: Original Poetry Tribute

Put the music on, dim the lights, and move that body!

With the traditional gift and theme of dance, a 46th anniversary is all about expressing the joy and gratitude such a long-lasting marriage can bring. It’s about the connection between two people. How well they know each other and can anticipate each other’s moves and moods. And the laughter and fun they share as they dance through life together.

There’s a reason that one of the central parts of any wedding is the newlyweds’ first dance together. That’s because it’s so evocative of who they are as a couple. Nothing captures their personalities and “in-sync-ness” better, or spotlights their partnership and trust in each other more perfectly.

When planning your gift for this anniversary, feel free to go wild and get creative! Just like dance itself, the gift you give is totally up to your own interpretation and inspiration. The only thing you need to keep in mind is that any couple who spends 46 years taking each step together — hand in hand, heart to heart, cheek to cheek — deserves to be really honored and celebrated. For they are true partners in every area of life. And love is their song.


  • Date night package with dinner and dancing
  • Throw an anniversary party in a hotel ballroom or dance studio
  • Recording of wedding song played for couple’s first dance


  • Dance-themed movie marathon (Dirty Dancing, Strictly Ballroom, Footloose, Shall We Dance)
  • Disco ball or flashing LED party balloons
  • Trip to New York City to see a Broadway musical


Amaryllis: pride, strength, determination

  • Two amaryllises in a wooden planter stenciled with the word “love”
  • Amaryllis bulb growing kit or waxed and glitter-dipped bulb
  • Silk amaryllis bulb in a glass vase full of decorative marbles

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