35th Anniversary Gift Ideas

35th Anniversary Gift Ideas

traditional anniversary gift: coral

modern anniversary gift: jade

This is a most beautiful milestone in every married couple’s journey, falling right between their silver and golden anniversaries.

As a fun fact, did you know the lucky couple of a 35-year marriage has been married for 12,775 days, which is 306,600 hours, or 18,396,000 minutes, or 1 billion 103 million 760 thousand seconds? Wow!

To show the lucky couple just how special they are, it’s particularly appropriate that this anniversary’s traditional gift is coral, which comes from a Greek word meaning “nymph of the sea.” Legend has it that it’s full of magical powers. You see, Medusa is said to have turned twigs and branches growing along the seashore into coral. Then sea maidens would use them for protection when returning to their ocean caves.

Then again, it’s also nice to know that beautiful jade is the modern gift idea for this special anniversary, while gorgeous emerald is the gemstone.

With such wonderful 35th anniversary gift choices, you can’t go wrong with any of them. The couple is sure to love whatever you pick!

  • Formal

    formal gifts 35th anniversary
    • Coral ring
    • Coral stone vase
    • Embossed coral-colored stationery with the couple’s monogram
  • Fun

    fun gifts 35th anniversary
    • Visit to a coral reef aquarium
    • Trip to the Florida Keys (North America’s only living coral barrier reef)
    • Snorkeling lesson
  • Flower

    35th anniversary flower: African Violet

    African Violet: delicate love, affection, faithfulness

    • Miniature African violet pots on each table at anniversary party
    • Wrist corsage with African violets
    • Cupcakes topped with gum paste African violets

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