Anniversary Gift Guide - 47th Anniversary

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Traditional 47th Anniversary Gift Ideas: Garden/plants
Modern 47th Anniversary Gift Ideas: Books

The suggested gift theme for a 47th anniversary is gardens and plants, and nothing could be a better analogy for marriage — especially one that has thrived for almost five decades!
After all, both require plenty of care and nurturing. There’s a lot that goes into creating a successful garden. And the same holds true for a successful marriage, with strength and endurance every bit as important as beauty and delight.
The word “garden” comes from the Old English word for “fence” or “enclosure,” denoting a protected space. And if you think about it, that’s kind of what a marriage is: a refuge from the larger world where two people can share their hearts, love can blossom, and the gifts of a true partnership can be cultivated and enjoyed.
Just like the gardenia — the flower for this anniversary — requires very particular attention in order to stay happy and healthy, so does each unique marriage. And any couple who has sustained that level of care and consideration for each other deserves to have every one of their 47 years together celebrated with appreciation, admiration, and a heck of a lot of fanfare!


  • Indoor or outdoor fountain (or other water feature)
  • Stone or wooden garden bench
  • Trip to France to see the world-famous gardens at Versailles


  • Subscription to a flower or plant of the month club
  • Brightly colored garden flags or prayer flags
  • Garden stepping stone(s) with heart design or words like “love,” “happiness,” “forever”


Gardenia: pride, strength, determination

  • Gardenia plant or flowers with gift card to area garden center
  • Gardenia-scented candle or diffuser set
  • Gardenia spa gift set

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