Anniversary Gift Guide - 53rd Anniversary

Traditional 53rd Anniversary Gift Ideas: New Experiences

Modern 53rd Anniversary Gift Ideas: Chocolates

The promise, “I do,” takes on a whole new meaning after 53 years together.

I do…appreciate all that we’ve been through.

I do…love growing old with you.

I do…look forward to many more years to come.

The couple celebrating their 53rd wedding anniversary now is just a more mature, deeper-in-love version of the couple who repeated their vows all those years ago.

Yet inside, they’re still the same young lovebirds.

They’re full of joy and contentment. They’re flush with love and affection. And they’re secure with a commitment and dedication that’s seen them through both good times and bad.

Which is why it’s most appropriate that jasmine is this anniversary’s flower of choice.

Meaning “I promise you,” the jasmine flower was once used to make necklaces that were exchanged by couples on their wedding day, just as today’s couples exchange wedding rings. And a traditional Asian belief is that jasmine enters the soul and releases its emotions. Then again, in ancient Egypt, legend has it that Cleopatra used drops of jasmine oil to seduce Mark Antony—quite successfully.

Let’s cheer this special couple and their long-term union that endured for 53 beautiful years.


  • New laptop computer
  • Gift certificate to a cultural restaurant
  • Registration for art, dance, or music lessons


  • Tickets to a Cirque du Soleil show
  • Tandem skydiving adventure
  • Trip to an as-yet-unexplored destination


Jasmine: eternal love, affection, joy

  • Tin of jasmine tea
  • Jasmine-scented candle
  • Dish made with Jasmine rice

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