Anniversary Gift Guide - 54th Anniversary

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Traditional 54th Anniversary Gift Ideas: Glass
Modern 54th Anniversary Gift Ideas: Feathers

A 54th wedding anniversary is a truly meaningful and beautiful occasion to celebrate the couple’s long-term devotion to each other.

If everyone’s feeling especially nostalgic, why not host a fun retro anniversary party to honor this special duo? Ask all the guests to dress from the year the couple got married. Serve foods and beverages that were popular during that period. Play music from that era. And create a poster board with photos of the couple throughout the years.

You may want to decorate the tables with zinnias (this anniversary’s featured flower). And maybe even rent a vintage car from their wedding year to transport the couple in style to and from the party.

It would also be great fun to create a video slideshow with friends and family sharing their most heartfelt memories of the couple.

Create a fun atmosphere that will joyfully celebrate this special couple and all that their marriage signifies in today’s modern world.


  • Personalized Champagne flutes (plus a bottle of Dom Perignon from the year they were married)
  • Murano glass bowl
  • Beautiful wall mirror


  • Trip to the Museum of Glass in Tacoma, Washington
  • Glassblowing class
  • Music CD by Looking Glass


Zinnia: lasting affection, constancy, goodness

  • Note cards with pressed, embossed, or illustrated zinnias
  • Cookies or cupcakes decorated like zinnias
  • Plant a zinnia cutting garden for the couple

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