Anniversary Gift Guide – 31st Anniversary

31st Anniversary Gift Ideas

traditional anniversary gift: food

modern anniversary gift: timepieces

Every lasting couple has their own recipe for success — and 31 years together means two people found just the right mix to create something amazing! Whether celebrating this anniversary sweetly or spicing things up a bit, the traditional gift of food will serve up an extra-special way to congratulate the day.

Of course, the first thing to come to mind might be a nice dinner out, and that’s always a treat. But there are plenty of other ways to get more creative with cuisine. Send a delivery of sweets, or local favorites, or great stuff to grill. Give some nifty new kitchen gadgets (avocado slicer/pitter/scooper combo – who knew?!). Or simply bake something from scratch.

If you want to choose the contemporary gift, then there’s no time like the present for timepieces! Thirty-one years is an incredible amount of time to spend together, and a watch or clock is a wonderful way to celebrate every minute. Splurge a little and get the piece monogrammed or personalized so it’ll mean even more. Or, if you’re more of a flower giver, then it’s a great time to pick poppies. This happy little flower (known for honoring veterans) is thought to symbolize beauty, magic, and eternal life. In other words, it’s a bright little wish for a happy forever…and at least 31 more beautiful years!

  • Formal

    formal 31st anniversary gifts
    • Assortment of flavored oils or salts
    • Free week (or more) of meal kit delivery service
    • Cooking class/lessons for two
  • Fun

    fun 31st anniversary gifts
    • Chocoholic/Grilloholic/Bacon-ohlic (you get the idea) gift basket
    • “Bouquet” of restaurant gift cards
    • Breakfast in bed (always a classic!)
  • Flower

    31st anniversary flower:Poppy

    Poppy: beauty, magic, eternal life

    • Decorative poppy garden stakes
    • Poppyseed cake
    • Donate to American Legion Poppy Program