Anniversary Gift Guide - 43rd Anniversary

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Traditional 43rd Anniversary Gift Ideas: Memory Lane
Modern 43rd Anniversary Gift Ideas: Travel

It’s a long road to get to 43 years of marriage! In fact, it’s several long roads, and some bumpy paths, and crazy detours, twists, turns, hills, mountains…and hopefully some leisurely beach walks, too. But it’s all part of one memory lane, and that’s what this year is celebrating.

The gift of memory lane is an inspiration to look back and retrace the route that led to today. Of course, 42 years means countless memories and probably an overwhelming amount of pictures, so maybe just focus on the highlights. But don't feel pressured to give a gift that involves photos. There are some very cool and creative ways to pay tribute to the milestone dates throughout the years with printed art. Or, go off the beaten path and choose more general nostalgic gifts of a certain time period rather than specific memories.

Conveniently, the contemporary gift is travel, so it’s possible to coordinate classic and modern for this anniversary with “a trip down memory lane” or pay tribute to vacations throughout the years. A compilation of travel photo pictures, or a theme basket of a favorite place (honeymoon, maybe?), would also be fun and fairly simple to put together. Or, create new memories by planning a getaway!

There are countless wonderful possibilities for this present because, after 42 years together, there are countless wonderful memories to celebrate. Here’s to an awesome journey so far!


  • Personalized wall print of significant dates
  • Photo quilt
  • Compilation of home videos


  • DIY memory jar/box/suitcase
  • Speaker + flash drive of memorable songs
  • Dual frame: Then & Now


Cornflower: hope, prosperity, friendship

  • Bouquet wrapped in list of 43 memories
  • DIY photo and flower wreath
  • Donation to ALS research (symbolic flower)

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