Anniversary Gift Guide - 50th Anniversary

Traditional 50th Anniversary Gift Ideas: Gold

Modern 50th Anniversary Gift Ideas: Gold

A couple’s 50th wedding anniversary is an extraordinarily beautiful testament to their long-term commitment. In fact, this major milestone is one of the most celebrated of all anniversaries—and rightfully so!

The reason this particular anniversary is most often called the “golden anniversary” dates back to the days of the Holy Roman Empire. That was when husbands would ceremoniously present their wives with a gold wreath on their momentous occasion.

Whether you’re celebrating your own 50th, or that of your parents, grandparents, or anyone else for that matter, there’s no denying it’s a rare and special day. Take the time to recognize the love demonstrated between two people over a half century. Renew vows. Throw a party. Toast each other! There’s no end to the fun you can plan to acknowledge the happy couple.

And as far as gifts go, anything and everything gold is appropriate. That’s because both the traditional and the modern anniversary gift ideas are the same. This precious metal represents optimism, excellence, and wealth. Very appropriate indeed!


  • Gold anniversary clock
  • Elegant gold picture frame
  • Gold-rimmed toasting flutes


  • A poem written in gold ink
  • A wedding anniversary greeting from the President, wrapped in gold ribbon
  • Gold coin from the U.S. Mint


Yellow Roses: inner joy, happiness, true love

  • 50 long-stemmed yellow roses
  • Yellow rose petals strewn about
  • Yellow rose bush to plant

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