51st Anniversary Gifts

51st Anniversary Gift Ideas

Gift Ideas for 51st Anniversary:


traditional anniversary gift: marble

modern anniversary gift: stationery

That 50th anniversary was SOOO last year! Now it’s on to the 51st — and there’s a whole lot of celebrating to be done!

The suggested gift for this anniversary is marble. The word “marble” comes from the Ancient Greek words for “shining stone” and “to sparkle or gleam.” In classical times, marble was a favorite working medium of Greek and Roman sculptors and architects, and it has come to symbolize refined taste and culture. In addition, white marble is associated with purity and immortality. Surely a love that has lasted 51 years could be considered timeless and one for the ages!

Marble is relatively soft when first quarried, giving it the ability to be more easily worked, refined, and polished. Just like a good marriage in its early years — lending itself to be shaped and fashioned as the couple learns the give and take of a loving partnership. And as marble ages, it becomes more durable. Once again, a perfect symbol for the flexibility, and yet ultimate resilience, of a true and lasting love.

  • Formal

    formal gifts 51st anniversary
    • Marble statue for home or garden
    • Marble-top coffee or occasional table
    • Marble coasters or bookends
  • Fun

    fun gifts 51st anniversary
    • Marble cutting board and a selection of cheeses
    • Marble heart-shaped paperweight
    • Marble wine cooler with a bottle of wine
  • Flower

    51st anniversary flower: Snapdragon

    Snapdragon: grace, strength

    • Bouquet of snapdragons wrapped in marbleized paper
    • Stained glass art window of snapdragons
    • Marble bowl containing packets of snapdragon seeds

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